Duo – Violin & Piano, Viola & Piano
R. StraussSonata E flat major op. 18
S. Prokofiev Sonata no. 2
L. van Beethoven Sonata no. 8
G. Faure Sonata no. 1 A major
G. Enescu Concert piece
Piano Duo Four Hands
F. Schubert Variations op. 10,
Sonata op. 30
R. Schumann Pictures from the East op. 66
J. Brahms Liebeslieder op. 52
G. Faure Dolly suite
S. Rachmaninov Six pieces op. 11
M. Ravel Ma mere l'oye
C. Debussy Petite suite,
Six Epigraphes Antiques
G. Ligeti Five pieces
Piano Duo – Two Pianos
D. Milhaud Scaramouche
M. Infante Dances Andalouses
G. Holst The Planets
M. Jorgović Stalactites
Trio (Voice, Violin, Piano) & Quartet (Voice, Violin, Violoncello, Piano)
S. Rachmaninov Romanzes (arr. for voice, piano, violin & cello)
M. Ipolotov – Ivanov Tagore cycle op. 68
R. Kahn Seven Songs „Fauntain of Yought“ op. 46